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Pro-Age Esthetic

Pro-Age Esthetic is offering various esthetic medicine procedures. We do our best to perform each therapy according to state of art standards. In our clinic we use modern equipment and newest technologies to provide services at the highest possible level. Products used are certified and tested in esthetic medicine procedures, allowing to achieve exquisite effects of treatment. Our staff participates in various educational courses which not only expend our knowledge in esthetic but also allow us to implement the newest medical techniques against aging. We warmly invite you to familiarize yourself with the offer of our clinic.
Dr Damian Drążewski graduate of Faculty of Medicine at the Medical University in Poznan. Participant of numerous post graduation trainings and scientific conferences dedicated to esthetic medicine. He graduated with honors the International Centre of Anti Aging Medicine of Estethic Dermatologist Society in Warsaw. He continuously broadens his knowledge in esthetic medicine participating in national and international hands on courses and trainings.

Price list


Elimination of mimic wrinkles:  
1 area 600 PLN
2 areas 900 PLN
3 areas 1200 PLN
Treatment of hyperhidrosis 1700 PLN
Treatment of bruxism 900 PLN
Gummy smile treatment 700 PLN
Lip augmentation and modeling from 1000 PLN
Puppet lines from 900 PLN
Nasolabial folds from 900 PLN
Smoker's lines 1000 PLN
Correction of the shape of the nose 1200 PLN
Facial volumetry from 1200 PLN
Jaw line modeling from 1200 PLN
Modeling od zygomatic bones from 1200 PLN
Valley of tears 1200 PLN
Karisma - Rh collagen 1200 PLN
Linerase - atelocollagen 1200 - 1400 PLN
Nucleofill strong/soft - polynucleotides 1000 PLN
Polylactic acid 1700 PLN
Calcium hydroxyapatite 1700 PLN
Sunekos Performa - hyaluronic acid + amino acids 800 PLN
Miligraft - stem cells derived from adipose tissue 3200 PLN
Nanosoft - eye area 500 PLN
Platelet-rich plasma from 500 PLN
Cellular Matrix - platelet-rich plasma + hyaluronic acid 1200 PLN
Hydrabooster 800 PLN
Liftbooster 1000 PLN
Teoxane Redensity 1 1000 PLN
Injection lipolysis from 400
Barb 4D price of 1 thread 500 PLN
Anchor plus price of 1 thread 650 PLN
Hyaluronidase price set individually
TCA peeling 600 PLN
Hyaluronic acid from 1200 PLN
Calcium hydroxyapatite 1700 PLN
non-surgical eyelid correction from 1500 PLN


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